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Running Assessments

A mechanically effective runner is more economical. Understanding movement of the whole body in relation to running and the laws of motion are required for economical and effective running.
Combining video and treadmill analysis allows close inspection of body movements and identifies possible effective and ineffective technique and potential contributors of injury. Video assessment can also be done outdoors or at a running track. Filming is done from the front, rear and the side. Utilising video-motion analysis with markers that have been specifically placed allows data to be assessed frame by frame.
In conjunction with an initial biomechanical screening this is further optimized to assist in maximising economy. Any individual factors compromising performance can be identified and appropriately addressed.
Assessments are completed by a physiotherapist with prior involvement in sport science research, aiming to provide person specific programs. Monitoring of progress and improvement is easily achieved.
Following assessments the opportunity for running sessions addressing technique will be discussed.
The service is a physiotherapy based service and therefore it is covered by private health rebates, however this may vary depending on the insurer.

We provide a unique analysis that:

  • Utilises world leading motion analysis software.
  • Uses a video camera that allows analysis at up to 100 frames/second.
  • Assesses an individuals running mechanics.
  • Recommends person specific programs to assist in the management of an ongoing problem in conjunction with other health professionals and coaches.

Subsequent running analysis is highly recommended.

Please bring the following for the running assessment*:
  •    Current running shoes (racing flats if using)
  •    Orthotics (if using)
  •    Shorts/tights
  •    Running top/singlet/crop-top
*Consultations require an initial consultation to go through a detailed running and injury history as well as an initial screening. The running assessment is then completed in a 1 hour session which includes video analysis and an individualised plan.