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Strength testing


How strong are you?


Historically strength testing with in the clinical environment has been graded in a subjective manner, without quantifying measurements. Increasingly today, technology is offering solutions to improve this issue. Hand held dynamometers are being utilised more frequently and access to gym equipment has been more available.


Access Force Plate technology


These methods are limited with some of the information that can be otained. Therefore the use of force plates, but paticularly dual force plates allows for refined, low level to high level strength testing for all individuals.






  • Measure strength of muscle groups and movements
    • Calf (standing and seated)
    • Hamstring 
    • Squat, Bridge and Mid-thigh pull
  • Monitor Quality of Movement
    • Asymmetries
  • Athlete screening
    • Where are you now?
  • Monitor strength
    • Pre-surgery and post surgery (Monitor progress and how strong are you pre surgery?)
    • Rehabilitation



All testing protocols assess force generated in Newtons because the measure is determined by how hard an individual can press through the force plate, providing a measure of ground reaction forces. Asymmetries (i.e. right vs left) are quantified as well as force relative to body weight.



Referrals prior to attending are encouraged (including self referral).